Hotbit Exchange Review / Cryptocurrency Exchange Overview

Hotbit Exchange Review / Cryptocurrency Exchange Overview

Do you come from a part of the world that lacks access to quality / liquid cryptocurrency exchanges?  [which happens to include the U.S. States like New York, Vermont & Hawaii.]  In today’s post, I’m going to provide you with a solution with a highly liquid exchange that is accepting registrants from all over the world, including the U.S.

If you come from any of these lesser served areas of the world, you will love the video walkthrough I’m about to give you for the Hotbit exchange. I’m going to review all of the features and functions available within Hotbit’s crypto trading platform.

Read on and watch my video about the Hotbit Exchange.

Now depending on where you live, you may or may not have direct access to trusted / highly liquid cryptocurrency exchanges to trade your altcoins against bitcoin or ethereum.

The State Of Crypto Exchanges In The U.S. [Revisited]…

  • Former US-friendly crypto exchanges and stopped serving U.S. customers in 2019.
  • Bittrex is still doing business in the U.S., but not in a specific number of U.S. States.
  • just launched in the U.S. in Sept. 2019, and is only available in a limited number of States and expanding.
  • U.S. States that I am aware of do not have access to Bittrex or include at least: New York, Vermont, Hawaii, and some others.

I know we covered this in my recent post showing you how to use the CoinSwitch DEX… but as you can see by the above breakdown of altcoin exchanges, the U.S. is hurting for cryptocurrency exchange options in 2019.  We have lost a couple of exchange options, and have re-gained one of them in a weaker ‘U.S. Friendly’ format [See]

Hopefully, 2020 will bring a lot more options for U.S. traders, but this is an excellent start with HotBit exchange!  While HotBit is a centralized exchange option, I have a feeling there will also be some other Decentralized Exchanges that I will be introducing soon as well.

But for now, we have one robust, high volume trading solution to compliment the Binance’s and Bittrex’s of the world that you may or may not be able to access.

Watch My Review / Overview of the Features & Functions of the HotBit Exchange


  • CLICK HERE To Register Your Hotbit Account

    I hope my crypto training brought you MASSIVE VALUE today, providing you with a trustworthy and highly liquid solution to trade your cryptocurrencies.  If you are from an underserved area of the world when it comes to crypto exchanges, this Hotbit Exchange is just the place for you.

    Dig in, enjoy, and may you be prosperous with your crypto trading!

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