Kraken Digital Asset Exchange Review / Overview

Kraken Digital Asset Exchange Review / Overview

In today’s FREE crypto training, Crypto Caleb will provide an overview of the features and functions of the US-based Kraken Digital Asset Exchange.  Kraken is one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges based in the US regarding liquidity and the number of trading pair options.  Kraken also serves a long list of international countries as well as the US.  Kraken rivals and outperforms their main competitor Coinbase at almost every angle you can look at.

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There are a wide array of services and options that Kraken provides in a more streamlined and user-friendly fashion than their competitors.  Let’s dive right into it…

The Kraken digital asset exchange offers the following services on their trading platform:

  • Spot market crypto trading
    • A growing list of 70+ cryptocurrencies. [including Tron.]
  • Crypto margin trading with leverage
  • Crypto futures trading with leverage
  • On-exchange crypto-asset ‘Staking.’
  • Easy text-based trading platform [newbies]
  • Professional chart based trading platform [experienced traders]
  • Fiat currency on-ramp for buying crypto / funding your trading account with USD.
  • Retail style app for buying, selling using your bank.
    • It also gives the ability to swap between cryptocurrencies.
  • Security options that help you to lock down and maximize the protection of your account against hackers.

For the newbies, I’m going to explain the difference between some of the trading options. 

For most of you, ‘spot market crypto trading’ is going to be the ticket.  The spot market is the most basic way to engage with crypto.  You take ownership of the coins in a trade using a base currency, which ends up being BTC or USD in most instances [even though ETH is commonly available, and other options are becoming more prominent in the market like TRX/Tron.]

Many experienced traders will stick to trading the crypto spot market.  But some people like to take the gambling [risk] to a higher level with their trades because it increases the short-term reward.  And if this is describing you, then the ‘crypto margin’ and ‘crypto futures’ leveraged trading options that Kraken has to offer will surely be of interest.

On-exchange ‘crypto-asset staking’ provides you with the ability to earn crypto passively by holding certain cryptocurrencies on the exchange.  This is a good option for absolute newbies as long as you maximize the security of your account.  For anyone confident enough to do it themselves [it’s not hard], you just withdraw the coins to an official wallet secured on your laptop or mobile phone.

PRO TIP: I have always been one to recommend securing crypto’s off-exchange for longer-term holding and to take advantage of staking.  And in many cases, you will earn a bit more by doing it yourself, as many exchanges that offer ‘staking’ take a cut of the percentage that the staking of the coin produces.

Kraken has an easy text/form-based layout for placing orders on the exchange.  Simple and lacking in the bells and whistles, like candlestick charts, depth charts, and indicators’  But all of that is provided on their professional trading layout option.  I will show you the difference between these two trading options in the guided tour provided by my Kraken Digital Asset Exchange video coming up next…

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I hope you loved and found massive value in today’s FREE crypto training for the Kraken Digital Asset Exchange.

US-based traders have something to be happy about, with a powerful exchange option that serves most US states.  And if you are not from the US, don’t feel left out, as international traders from a growing list of countries spanning the globe also have access.  Just click here to get started registering your account, and you will quickly find out if your country is eligible.

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