Important Bitcoin Facts

Important Bitcoin Facts

If you haven’t heard by now, Bitcoin is here to stay and the faster you learn about it, the better you prepare yourself for what is likely to be a major shift in the way we see and use money. If you’re not aware, Bitcoin has completely disrupted how money is sent between people and businesses around the world, where the average person can now transact with another instantly using a mobile device, without the need for banks or financial institutions. This truly turns the tables and gives people control of their own money for the first time, in maybe forever.

There are billions of people that still don’t have access to a bank account. Nearly a quarter of the world’s population doesn’t have a financial institution available to them. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency can be the one vehicle to help people become their own bank and participate in the global economy.

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You have likely heard about the people who bought Bitcoin for pennies or dollars and they are able to retire off that small purchase but that is only one amazing Benefit Bitcoin offers. Bitcoin is being recognized as Gold 2.0 because it has the ability to preserve your assets and finances but unlike actual gold, you can move unlimited amounts of Bitcoin anywhere, anonymously and privately and spend it with a mobile device.

Since the rise of Bitcoin, we have seen thousands of people and companies attempt to create their own innovative version of Bitcoin and many of them have had success. Each coin and blockchain tends to serve a purpose that can greatly benefit society, reduce costs, increase efficiency, be more sustainable and friendly to our environment.  As much as we love Bitcoin, it’s not perfect and that’s why other projects exist to fill that void and significantly contribute to the usefulness of the blockchain technologies.

It is easy to get lost in a sea of information when it comes to researching Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Even some of the best crypto websites fail at successfully breaking through the noise to teach you efficiently. You might often see news articles and announcements talking about Bitcoin but it’s too overwhelming to jump in and get started so you just watch from the sidelines. On top of that, the crypto eco-system is rapidly evolving at a pace that the average person just can’t keep up with. It’s no wonder most people aren’t talking about cryptocurrency every day. This is why we create content weekly to help answer the most important questions to cryptocurrency and help you find what you’re looking for.

CryptoWhat is your beginner-friendly website that helps the average person understand Bitcoin and shows them how to navigate the crypto waters. The site is full of resources, articles, training, guides, and tools to help you become an expert with crypto.

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