Klever Wallet Tutorial / Walkthrough | Tron / Multi-Coin Wallet + Passive Earning Strategies!

Klever Wallet Tutorial / Walkthrough | Tron / Multi-Coin Wallet + Passive Earning Strategies!

Are you looking for the best wallet for Tron / TRX, that you can use to take advantage of all the passive earning options of the Tron blockchain?  Are you still using the old version of the mobile  ‘Tron Wallet’?  Read on and watch Crypto Caleb’s video overview about the new Klever Wallet, and learn why this is the best wallet option available for Tron!  And if you are still using ‘Tron Wallet’  you will learn how to upgrade to Klever…

In today’s video training, you will learn all about the layout and features, and functions of the Klever Wallet app.  You will learn about the Crypto Portfolio, Crypto Swaps [Atomic Swaps], the Blockchain browser, Dapps, and passive crypto earning strategies/opportunities made possible through the Klever wallet.

You will also learn about a couple of the most popular DEX / Decentralized exchange platforms on the Tron network, and how to access them using the Klever wallet’s blockchain browser. I will also introduce you to the Wink blockchain casino, and teach you how to earn daily dividends with the WIN token.

In today’s video training I will show you how to:

  • Create a new Klever wallet instance from scratch
  • Backup your wallet recovery data
  • Freeze Your Tron for Tron Power
  • Vote in the super representative elections and earn crypto airdrops daily.
  • Participate in Token Sales / ICOs
  • Use Tron Dapps [like WINK, the crypto casino]
  • Use the various options in the Settings menu
  • Secure your Tron Wallet, using the various security settings…

Learn more about all of this and how to set yourself up for success, by watching the following video…

Klever Wallet Tutorial: Learn How To Setup, Use & Start Earning Passive Crypto Income


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Hopefully, you enjoyed today’s FREE Crypto Training from yours truly and Bitcoin Lifestyles Club…  I’m always going to keep you up to date on all the latest and greatest crypto earning / mining opportunities, DAPPS, and anything else we can leverage to grow your crypto income and success levels…

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