5th Crypto Trading Commandment: Thou Shalt Do Your Own Research

5th Crypto Trading Commandment: Thou Shalt Do Your Own Research

Welcome to the 5th video in Caleb Wright’s new training series, “The 10 Commandments of Crypto Trading”. Today he is going to reveal the strategy that the most successful traders are using to stay ‘ahead of the curve’ when it comes to new profitable trading opportunities.  And this same strategy will help you build a wealth-generating crypto portfolio with quality projects and help you avoid any projects that are not worth your time.

In today’s video, we will cover the 5th Commandment of Crypto Trading: Thou Shalt Do Your Own Research.

It’s crucial that you don’t just register at a crypto exchange and start blindly trading coins. It’s also not a good idea to blindly follow advice about coins or trade recommendations on social media.  It is so vital that you learn how to ‘Do Your Own Research’.

Because it’s possible that you may stumble upon a good idea on social media or through another person in some way, but you just need to know how to verify that the information is legitimate and that the opportunity has substance behind it.

Developing this skill is going to save you a lot of headaches because you have to realize that not everyone on social media has the best intentions when it comes to sharing info about cryptocurrencies.  Some of these social media influencers will be less than ethical, just trying to get new people to enter a less liquid coin market to pump up the price so they can sell in profit. This kind of bad advice is what you want to avoid like the plague.

In this latest training video, Caleb is going to provide you with tips on how to Do Your Own Research and avoid so many money-losing trading decisions as a result.

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P.S. Keep an eye out for the next video in the ’10 Commandments of Crypto Trading’ video series coming soon!  In the 6th Commandment of Crypto Trading, where Caleb is going to reveal the secret sauce and mindset of the most successful crypto traders in the game!

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