The Future Of Social Media [Platform Overview by Caleb Wright] The Future Of Social Media [Platform Overview by Caleb Wright]

In today’s post I’m going introduce you to the future of social media, with my latest video overview of the new and fast growing Social Media Platform! Get ready to learn how to make social media PAY YOU in cryptocurrency for simply using it for FREE…

ATTENTION: The Friendster platform will be rebranding to the name ZEEK.  No worries, you can register your account and use your account and earn tokens if you found this training prior to the completion of the re-brand.  We decided that we needed to be ‘more unique’ than using the old network’s name, plus it’s difficult to stand out against Facebook using the same first letter ‘F’, when it comes to app design etc..  So dig in and learn about this awesome platform in my overview here, and I look forward to see you on there!

Imagine being an early adopter of a big social media platform like Facebook or Instagram… do you realize the kind of advantages that could give you?  The people who were early adopters of these platforms and figured out how to use them to their advantage, have been extremely successful in their respective businesses and spheres of influence.  Now you have the chance to be an early adopter of a new social network that has HUGE potential for growth… AND get paid for using it!

I wouldn’t be so excited about any old new social media platform that would come stumbling along into our reality…. because I understand, the competition is fierce with the Facebook’s and Instagrams of the world.  But the platform is doing some truly innovative things, that is going to shake up the social media universe in a BIG WAY!

First off they have game-ified the platform, so that site users earn the native cryptocurrency Friendster [FSTER] token [a TRC10 token, on the Tron blockchain.]    You earn tokens from other Friendster when they react and engage with your content.  You can earn lots of FSTER tokens just by publishing blog posts to the network [FIO News!].  And you can earn a significant amount of FSTER tokens by just referring other members to join you on the network.

You are pretty heavily incentivized to use the Friendster platform!  And some of you may be wondering ‘are these tokens worth anything?  Is this real?’.  Yes it is very real.  FSTER tokens are already trading on decentralized exchanges on the Tron blockchain.  You earn the tokens instantly in REAL TIME as you use the Friendster site, they will accumulate in your profile’s FSTER wallet.  Once you have enough to make a withdrawal [I believe the minimal amount to withdraw is 10,000 FSTER], you can withdraw to your Tron Wallet receiving address, and it takes about 24-48 hours to hit your wallet.  And from that point you can then send the tokens to a supporting Tron DEX, like TRX Market, to trade your FSTER tokens for Tron [TRX].  And then you would have the option to trade from Tron to Bitcoin any time you want using any of the various decentralized cryptocurrency exchange options available on the internet.

I just wanted to break it down for you real quick so you can understand that the money part of this is not pipe dreams and promises… its all too real.

And other than the financial incentive through crypto part of this whole deal, I think you are also going to love Friendster’s decentralized approach at social media.  Friendster does not collect your data and sell it to the corporations and marketing agencies.  In fact it does not collect your data for any purpose.  You have the ability to download your data or even delete your account forever, at any point that you choose to.  Friendster is the complete reverse of Facebook.  The Anti-Facebook.  It’s the future of social media with it’s non-invasive approach to data and privacy and innovative approach at rewarding it’s users financially for using the site…

And also if you think about it, what has Facebook been doing other than failing in launching their pseudo cryptocurrency Libra?  They can’t convince the regulators to let them move forward with Libra, because of their complicated approach at trying to back Libra with USD and other global fiat currencies… it’s just too complicated.  Facebook could have pioneered the use of bitcoin, or even their own native crypto token, but instead they decided to try to create a really complicated financial instrument that scared the powers that be [US government] that it would potentially compete and diminish the value and relevance of the USD as a world reserve currency.  it doesn’t take permission for a company to create its own cryptocurrency token as a fair launch project and come up with an innovative use-case, as we have clearly seen many crypto based companies do at this point.  But that’s Facebook’s mistake for not being up to speed with the technology and thinking they would have a better approach than pure blockchain…  they are desperately trying to ‘Reinvent the Wheel’ and failing miserably at the same time. is a new ‘Tron based’ social media platform, that provides an alternative to Facebook where you can actually earn cryptocurrency by using it.

Use the following link to register your new account and connect with me on Friendster, and watch the video below to learn how to use it…

▶ CLICK HERE to Register Your New Account On And Connect As My Friend

WARNING: DO NOT create your account using Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin, as YOU WILL NOT connect with me, and will not count as my referral.  Create your account using an email is the best idea.  It’s best to make an account with your email anyways, because if you ever lost access to any of those other accounts, you would also lose access to your Friendster account.

This little video guide is going to not only show you all the ways you can earn FSTR tokens by using the Friendster social media platform.  I will also be providing you with a guided tour of all the features and functions of the site, so you can be comfortable using and building your network on it from day one…

Watch My Latest Video Overview of the Decentralized Social Media Platform!…



Until next time,
caleb-wrightP.S. I hope you enjoyed my latest post where I showed you how to start earning an crypto income by using social media.   Friendster is surely the model for the future of social media, and the world needs a place to go from Facebook and not be leveraged like another ‘number’ for corporate profit / gain.  Keep an eye out for future content, where I will continue to enlighten you with new and exciting ways that you can get into the crypto game and start building your crypto wealth…

In the meantime, if you are interested in learning how to take your ‘crypto game’ to the next level, click the link below to learn more about my education and mastermind chat group…

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