Tron Wallet Me User’s Guide | Best TRX Wallet Tutorial / Review

Tron Wallet Me User’s Guide | Best TRX Wallet Tutorial / Review

According to my research and personal experience, I have found that Tron Wallet Me is the BEST, MOST SECURE & MOST TRUSTWORTHY wallet in existence for Tron / TRX…

I ended up tracking down this amazing Tron Wallet with the help of a newly made friend and fellow Tron Fanatic @TommyMustache from Twitter.

I have found it to be a shining gem amongst what is out there for Tron Wallets and is a massive upgrade from using TronWatch, which in my opinion had some annoying bugs the whole time through anyways, as the developers were working on keeping up with the Tron network updates…   but I guess that was bound to happen since they were not completely dedicated to the wallet and moved onto developing a DEX.

But anyways back to the wallet, this Tron Wallet Me app is ALSO leagues ahead of other crypto wallets out there in the market today.  You literally have access to play / use thousands of Decentralized Applications [or Dapps] via Tron Wallet Me.  From what I have seen so far of Tron Dapps, is that they tend to be either different types of games or utility based apps like decentralized exchanges. The sky is the limit for the possibilities with Dapps however, as finally Tron brings the speed that is needed to make these kinds of applications run, whereas Ethereum has been lacking in this area over the years.
So in this video I don’t just go over typical wallet functions, this isn’t going to be a boring video like that, no no no!…


In this video you are going to learn a number of ways to make money with this Tron Wallet!!!  You will learn about FOUR different ways you can earn a passive income through this Tron wallet… leveraging Tron’s unique form of ‘wallet staking’, Tron Dapps, the monthly BTT / Bittorrent Airdrops and more!


We have just what you are looking for today, to get you started on the right foot with Tron using the best tron wallet available… or for those of you who need a serious upgrade from ‘lesser wallets’.

BEST Tron Wallet Me User’s Guide…


Tron Wallet Me is the best AND most secure mobile wallet option for Tron / TRX! It is in fact the best wallet for Tron overall, and in this Tron Wallet User’s Guide, I will teach you everything you’ll need and want to know about this amazing Tron Wallet!

We had previously recommended the wallets TronScan and TronWatch in my some of my older blog posts, but it turns out that development support is being dropped for the TronWatch wallet. The wallet’s development has shifted their focus to the TronWatch Market, which will be a Decentralized Exchange that launches sometime in 2019. This basically means that the TronWatch wallet as it stands is no longer going to be updated and we can no longer recommend using it.] If you are using TronWatch, you should upgrade to using Tron Wallet Me right away!

For those of you using Tron Scan, you will be just fine to keep doing that, however you’d be totally missing out because the user experience seriously pales in comparison to Tron Wallet Me [plus NO Dapps!]

We still keep a web based account handy over at TronScan in case we have some tokens that only their DEX trades, or if they decide list some tokens we have collected through the airdrops that have not been listed at any of the other DEX’s yet… you never know, it’s best to keep track of these things to make those extra profits that add up!

But you are really in luck with how easy it is to get started with Tron Wallet Me, even if you are already using another Tron wallet…  Just install it to your Android or IOS mobile phone through the app store, and then use your private key [it can be found in your TronWatch or Tronscan wallets] to import your Tron wallet to your new Tron Wallet Me mobile app.

It’s really easy and quick to do so! And I will also show you how that works in the video above, so be sure to watch it until the end, so you don’t miss a beat of everything I’m teaching here, you want to maximise your profitability with this don’t you?…

In this video you will learn all about the layout and the features and functions of the Tron Wallet Me app. Caleb Wright will show you how to do the following [and probably even more]:

  • How to create a new Tron Wallet Me wallet instance from scratch
  • How to backup your wallet – Freeze Your Tron for Tron Power
  • How to vote in the super representative elections and earn crypto airdrops daily.
  • How to participate in Token Sales / ICOs
  • How to play / use Tron Dapps
  • How to use the various options in the Settings menu
  • How to secure your Tron Wallet, using the various security settings
  • How to earn the TronCraft CFT currency [Tron TRC20 token] and use it in STAKING to earn TRX for free! [this leverages a certain Tron Dapp]

We hope you loved Caleb’s latest Tron Wallet training update…  are you loving the free value we have been providing you?  We have a passion for getting the good word out there to help help increase the adoption of this industry and everyone’s overall success who is involved!  Complete strangers are entering the crypto community everyday and being embraced as family… and that’s the way that it should be.  We raise each other up when we are united and working together [that’s the secret to our Crypto Mastermind Group sauce actually!]…

WE ALSO have some really exciting things coming down the pipeline in regard to methods of 100% legitimate DO IT YOURSELF passive earning… I’m not going to say EXACTLY what it is yet, because I don’t want you to piss your pants.  There might be a piece of content or two between when we announce this little groundbreaking gem into your life… catch you soon on our next juicy crypto post.

Until next time,

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